Omega Difference

Omega offers an 8:1 Ratio.

Our students experience accelerated growth in our 8:1 Student-Teacher Ratio. In our small classrooms, Omega certified teachers are able to fill skill gaps, as well as challenge their students as needed, allowing them to achieve academic success on a daily basis.

Omega offers personalized learning.

Omega understands that each student is unique. Based on your family’s academic goals, history of grades, their learning style, as well as study habits, our teachers develop your student’s customized educational plan to maximize their academic growth in our exclusive 8:1 learning environment.

Omega schools produce results.

Omega Private Academy® students increase an average of 2.4 years after completing a 10-month school year! This level of academic growth is rarely achieved in traditional learning environments.

Omega uses multi-sensory teaching.

Omega’s proprietary learning style assessment determines your student’s primary learning style. Our teachers are able to jump start your school year by employing the most effective auditory, visual, and tactile teaching resources.

Omega teachers communicate.

Parents stay informed through regular communication from teachers and administration. Parents are provided with weekly newsletters and web portal login access to view teacher communications, grades, and attendance reports.

Omega students get involved.

We are a true ‘Community Partner’. Students enjoy participating in rewarding and resume-building monthly community service events such as walking in a Relay for Life 5K and volunteering a Saturday afternoon at a local soup kitchen.

Omega offers flexibility.

Our scheduling provides families with the flexibility they need. Class schedules typically include Monday through Thursday from 9 am – 2pm with Fridays designated for “Independent Study.”

Omega centers are accredited.

Omega Learning® Centers are accredited nationwide through AdvancED. Omega Private Academy® is a valuable service provided by Omega Learning®.