Omega Teachers

Our Teachers Get Results!
Omega Teachers Believe In:
• Providing opportunity for growth
• Building student confidence
• Achieving academic success
• Encouraging critical thinking skills
• Communicating directly with schools
• Utilizing a tutoring system

Omega teachers achieve results by providing individualized instruction. Our students’ average growth is 2.4 years after completing a school year.


Our teachers are compassionate educators who really care about your student’s success. They regularly use praise and positive reinforcement.


Our teachers engage their students and use multi-sensory (auditory, visual, and tactile) instructional methods to personalize the educational experience and achieve lasting results.


Many of our teachers have their master’s and special education degrees. All must complete Omega’s handbook training and certification.


Our teachers live and participate in our community. They believe in the power of a strong education and its value for your child’s future.


Omega teachers are admirable role models. They believe in positive mentoring, leading by example, and helping our students become responsible adults.